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Merry X-Mas Mudder fuckers!

2010-12-11 02:17:41 by JoePimpz

And a happy new year too, mudder fucker.

I'm back bby!!!

2010-07-04 16:21:06 by JoePimpz

Dass right, it's ya boiee, hittin duh scene.


I did it for you moms!

Guess who finally made it to the top??

JP + KP 4 lyfe!

2009-10-27 16:49:37 by JoePimpz

I just got a new GF, Katy Perry!
She's the love of my life so back off FUCKERZZZ!!!

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2009-06-30 17:59:34 by JoePimpz

What do we do now?

I'm gay!

2009-04-24 06:57:34 by JoePimpz

Guys, I don't know if you know this but... well, I'm gay!!! and if any cute boiees are readin dis, hit me up!


2009-04-23 08:06:12 by JoePimpz

Someone hacked one of my alt accounts and submitted a game with it.

I used guerrilla mail so I can't get the password he or she changed it to, haha

One step done!

2009-03-19 21:10:07 by JoePimpz

My 'Is a faggot' flash!

Still to come:
Me Singing 'You Bounced'
Me Singing 'Little seal girl'
Me Writing about my first gay experience (That's just on the FF board though)
and Hopefully I'll be able to Do The Harry, if I can get a video camera soon...

I ain't scared!

2009-03-17 16:49:49 by JoePimpz

From here on I will be completing all the tests to get into the FF! Except I can't do the Harry, I don't have a camera or anything... sad, I know

I found this great new site!!

2009-03-12 08:25:39 by JoePimpz

I've been browsing for quite some time, and I think I found that special one!!!

I found this great new site!!